Divisions on an Ayre
Divisions on an Ayre

Divisions on an Ayre

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The English air for solo voice and lute is one of the happiest mediums for lyric poetry ever conceived. The most excellent baritone William Sharp joins the Folger Consort in lute airs by John Dowland and other English composers featuring charming English, elegant French, and flamboyant Italian lute song, with virtuosic instrumental music circa 1600.

Robert Eisenstein, viol; Christopher Kendall, lute; Scott Reiss, recorders.

Folger Consort. 1991. Compact disc. Running time: 73:13

Divisions on an Ayre CD track listing

1) Can She Excuse My Wrongs?

2. The Earl of Pembrooke's Galliard

3. The Satyres' Masque

4. The Lowest Trees Have Tops

5. The Squire's Masque

6. Griefe Keep Within

7. O Mistress Mine

8. Time Stands Still

9. Fantasia

10. Fain Would I Change That Note

11. Pavan and Galliard

12. My Lord of Oxenford's Maske

13. Ballet De La Comedie

14. Ma Belle Si Ton Ame

15. Ballet Anglois

16. Cesses Mortels De Soupirer

17. Branle

18. Qui Veut Chasser Une Migraine

19. Branle Simple; Double

20. Amor Ch'attendi

21. Canzona Per Canto E Basso

22. Amor L'ali M'impenna

23. Sonata Per Canto Solo

24. Se L'aura Spira
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