BBC Shakespeare Histories Giftbox Set
BBC Shakespeare Histories Giftbox Set

BBC Shakespeare Histories Giftbox Set

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Shakespeare is rightly considered the world's greatest playwright for the soaring beauty of his language, for his profound insight into human nature, for the truths he dramatized, and for the realism of the characters he created. He was, and remains, a superb entertainer.


Featuring some of Britain's most distinguished theatrical talent; Derek Jacobi, Sir John Gielgud, Charles Gray, Jon Finch, Martin Shaw, David Gwillim, Anthony Quayle, and many more. DVD brings out the rich beauty in the acting and the sound. The English language subtitles allow viewers to correctly understand the rapid fire beautiful language of William Shakespeare.

*Digitally Remastered *Picture and Sound Enhanced *Word for Word as Written by William Shakespeare *The Most Popular and Widely Used Versions of Shakespeare's Plays *English Subtitled *Downloadable Scripts

Programs in this History DVD Giftbox Set include:

Henry V
In the third play portraying England's most admired national hero, Henry V unites his people, invades France, deals with traitors and cements the peace. Starring David Gwillim, Rob Edwards, and Julian Glover. Running Time: 163 minutes.

Richard II
Richard II, defying tradition and laws of succession, disinherits Bolingbroke and uses that money to finance a military adventure in Ireland. A stellar cast includes Derek Jacobi, Sir John Gielgud, Charles Gray, Jon Finch, and Dame Wendy Hiller. Running Time: 157 minutes

Richard III
A huge success in its day, this historical play centers around the character of Richard of Gloucester, a self-proclaimed villain who usurps the crown. Through political marriages and military coups, this play portrays an intricate period in English history. Stars:Ron Cook, Michael Byrne, and Brian Protheroe. Running Time: 228 minutes

Henry IV, Part I
The boisterous Falstaff leads Prince Hal, the heir to the throne, through London's lowlife taverns. While the young prince wastes his youth, a civil war threatens the monarchy. When the battle of Shrewsbury results, Prince Henry redeems himself at last. StarsJon Finch, Anthony Quayle, and David Gwillim Running Time: 146 minutes

Henry IV, Part II
A panorama of Medieval English life. The passage of time brings the older generations closer to the grave, and the young closer to leadership. The play ends with the death of Henry IV, banishment of Falstaff, and the coronation of Prince Hal as Henry V. Stars Jon Finch, Anthony Quayle, and David Gwillim. Running Time: 151 minutes

Combined Running Time: 14 hours: 5 minutes. Release Date:August 2004
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