Tragedy II Giftbox Set
Tragedy II Giftbox Set

Tragedy II Giftbox Set

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William Shakespeare is rightly considered the world's greatest playwright for the soaring beauty of his language, for his profound insight into human nature, for the truths he dramatized, and for the realism of the characters he created. He was, and remains, a superb entertainer

Digitally Remastered *Picture and Sound Enhanced *Word for Word as Written by William Shakespeare *The Most Popular and Widely Used Versions of Shakespeare's Plays *English Captions *Downloadable Scripts

Programs in this Tragedy II Giftbox Set include:

Antony & Cleopatra
She's called the most fascinating female character. The remarkable characterization of Cleopatra has made this sequel to Julius Caesar a timeless favorite. It is one of the most coveted roles for actresses; Jane Lapotaire, the star of this production, not only looks similar to the coin portraits of the historical Queen of Egypt, but has the range and maturity to capture her many facets. Running Time: 170 minutes

The turmoil of war and political conflict sound the theme for the last of Shakespeare's tragedies. In this tragedy, Shakespeare studies the character of a soldier. Surrounded by war and political conflict, Coriolanus is a rock of strength, but a rock which nearly wrecks the ship of state. Stars Alan Howard, Irene Worth. Running Time: 145 minutes

King Lear
Intending to divide his realm among his three daughters, the dictatorial Lear commands each give a testimony of her love. But after the gushing of malevolent Goneril and Regan, loyal Cordelia states: "I love your majesty according to my bond; nor more nor less." She is banished, and Lear's descent into madness begins. Stars Michael Hordern and John Shrapnel. Running Time: 185 minutes

Timon of Athens
Choice calls this "a recommended version of a difficult yet interesting play." In his most cynical work, Shakespeare explores money— its virtues and its vices. Timon, a noble Athenian, is wildly extravagant with his inheritance. But as his money runs out, so do the friends who urged his lavishness. Timon loses his mind, then finds another fortune. Featuring strong performances byJonathan Pryce, Norman Rodway and John Shrapnel. Running Time: 120 minutes

Titus Andronicus
Set in late Roman times, this tragedy draws on mythology for brutal tales, such as a banquet where a mother is served the flesh of her sons. Titus Andronicus is created as a commanding figure of bravery with a flawed sense of honor, a concern more for the reputation of nobility than for its substance. Starring Eileen Atkins, Trevor Peacock. Running Time: 167 minutes

Combined running Time:13 hours 7 minutes. Release Date:October 2005.
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