Shakespeare Flush With Verse
Shakespeare Flush With Verse

Shakespeare Flush With Verse

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Classic Quotations for Times of Deep Thought Did you ever wonder were the Bard came up with such great lines? Now, as you sit upon your own royal throne, you can spend a few minutes with the Bard himself.

In this hilarious book, you'll find lots of quotes from Shakespeare's works that will expose how possible it is that scholars worldwide have missed his curious subtext, as in Hamlet's line, "Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind."

Shakespeare Flush With Verse is an erudite and cheeky collection of the Bard's famous lines, considered in a rather unusual perspective. It will have you rethinking y our Shakespeare all over again, and these funny lines won't be so easy to flush out of your system!

Cider Mill Press, 2010, Hardcover, 64 Pages. ISBN-13: 978-160433139-4.
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