Shakespeares London on 5 Groats a Day
Shakespeares London on 5 Groats a Day

Shakespeares London on 5 Groats a Day

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A time-traveler's guide to sightseeing, shopping, and surviving in Elizabethan London

Welcome to the city of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I! This fact-packed guide provides all the practical advice needed to get the most out of traveling four centuries back in time to explore booming London.

Her Majesty's devoted subjects believe they are living in a Golden Age. Join them and explore London at the turn of the sixteenth century-a city of courtiers, cutthroats, merchants, beggars, lawyers, dramatists, apprentices, and adventurers. Saunter over London Bridge with its hundreds of shops and houses. Watch the finest plays and players at the Rose Theatre, and marvel at the bustle of business in the Royal Exchange. Go down to Greenwich to stand on the deck of the Golden Hinde, the ship that Sir Francis Drake sailed round the world.

London can be baffling to the time-traveler, but don't worry if you don't know a buskin from a firkin.This intriguingly addictive guide-based on the works of Tudor authors and contemporary pamphlets, letters, maps, wills, and legal records-provides all you need to know when visiting Shakespeare's London.

Richard Tames, 2009, Paperback, 144 Pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-5002-8793-4.
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