Shakespeare's Insults
Shakespeare's Insults

Shakespeare's Insults

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People need insults. Most people behave so abominably that they cry out for abuse. To be prepared for the next onslaught everyone needs a line to drop on a pretentious boss, the overbearing in-laws, or the rude other driver. Now, count on the best insult-slinger in history, William Shakespeare, to supply the perfect last word! Shakespeare's Insults contains 4,190 of the most perfectly humorous, snobbish, and snide one-liners from the bard himself. Organized in three parts: short, quick vituperation— play-by-play insults— and an index of topical scorn. Never be at a loss for words again.

Compiled and edited by Wayne F. Hill and Cynthia J. Öttchen, 1995, Paperback, 323 Pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-517-88539-0.
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