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Remarkable Books

Remarkable Books

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The World's Most Beautiful and Historic Works

A beautifully illustrated guide to more than 75 of the world's most celebrated, rare, and seminal books and handwritten manuscripts ever produced, with discussions of their purpose, features, and creators.

From ancient masterpieces such as The Art of War, written on the leaves of bamboo, to the stunningly illustrated Birds of America, to Chairman Mao's Little Red Book, Remarkable Books delves into the stories behind the most incredible tomes ever produced, offering an insight into their wider social and cultural context, and is chronologically ordered to demonstrate the synergies between the growth in human knowledge and the bookmaking process.

Contributors: Father Michael Collins with Alexandra Black, Thomas Cussans, John Farndon, and Philip Parker
2017, Hardcover, 256 Pages. ISBN-13: 978-1-4654-6362-3.
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