The Ground: Poems
The Ground: Poems

The Ground: Poems

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A poignant and terse vision of New York City unfolds in Rowan Ricardo Phillips's debut book of poetry. A work of rare beauty and grace, The Ground is an entire world, drawn and revealed through contemplation of the post-9/11 landscape. With musicality and precision of thought, Phillips's poems limn the troubadour's journey in an increasingly surreal modern world ("I plugged my poem into a manhole cover / That flamed into the first guitar"). The origin of mankind, the origin of the self, the self's development in the sensuous world, and—in both a literal and a figurative sense—the end of all things sing through Phillips's supple and idiosyncratic poems.

Rowan Ricardo Phillips, 2013, Paperback, ISBN-13: 978-0-374-16708-0.
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