Medieval Tapestry
Medieval Tapestry

Medieval Tapestry

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Instrumental and vocal masterpieces dating from the twelfth through the fourteenth centuries from England, Castile, France, and the valley of the Rhine.
Robert Eisenstein, vielle, rebec and recorder; Christopher Kendall, lute, harp and mandora; Scott Reiss, recorder, hammered dulcimer, dumbek, psaltery and bells; with Johana Arnold, soprano; Tina Chancey, vielle, rebec and kamenj; Nancy Almquist and Elizabeth Bulkley, sopranos.

Recorded live in the Great Hall of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC.

Folger Consort, 1990. Compact disc. Running time: 60:14

A Medieval Tapestry CD track listing:
1. Kalenda Maia
2. Deus est ausi comme li pelican
3. Ce fut en mai
4. Bietris est mes delis
5. O viridissima virga ave
6. Lai Markiol
7. O Ecclesia
8. Belle, com loiaus amans
9. Espris d'ire et d'amour
10. Pagar ben pod'o que dever'
11. Macar ome per folia
12. Como torc' o dem' os nenbros
13. Virgen Santa Maria, guarda-nos
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