Playing With Fire
Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

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Our Best-Seller! In this recording of instrumental music of the Renaissance, The Folger Consort performs fiery improvisations on the popular tunes of the 1500s, dance music of Italy and France, and masterpieces of contrapuntal complexity. Hear a wide variety of instrumental colors from the distinctive timbres of Renaissance reeds and fiddles to the sweet blending of recorders and viols.
Founded in 1977 by Robert Elsenstein, Christopher Kendall and Scott Reiss, the Folger Consort is ensemble-in-residence at the Folger Shakespeare Library

Folger Consort, 1995. Compact Disc. Running time: 61.40 min

Playing With Fire CD track listing:
1. La Shymyze
2. La Doune Celle
3. La Bounette
4. Tandernaken: The Kynge Henry VIII
5. Fa La Sol
6. Dit Le Bourgignon
7. Basse Dance Tune: The Tune
8. Basse Dance Tune: Divisions On the Tune
9. Basse Dance Tune: Pas De Brabant (Improvised)
10. Basse Dance Tune: Reprise of the Tune
11. Basse Dance Tune: Polyphony On the Tune
12. La Spagna 1
13. La Spagna 2
14. La Spagna 3
15. Bransle 1
16. Bransle 2
17. Pavan Lesquercarde
18. Galliard La Rocque
19. Tedescha 1
20. Tedescha 2
21. Schiarazula Marazula
22. Divisions On Frais Et Galliard
23. Fantasia
24. La Gamba
25. Divisions On the Ruggiero Bass
26. Philov
27. Courant
28. Volto
29. Christes Cross
30. Divisions On Tregian's Ground
31. Stingo 1
32. Stingo 2
33. Newcastle
34. Moll Peatly
35. Nonesuch
36. Half Hannikin
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