The Tempest
The Tempest

The Tempest

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A selection of songs and dances from The Tempest, music by Matthew Locke and Rober Smith, as well as songs from Thomas Shadwell's 1674 version of The Tempest. The Folger Consort featuring Ellen Hargis, soprano and William Sharp, baritone.

Folger Consort, 2000. Bard Records. Compact Disc. Running time: 61:32.

The Tempest CD track listing
1. A Tempestuous Noise
2. Come Unto These Yellow Sands
3. Solemn Music Of Ariel
4. The Master, The Swabber, The Boatswain, And I
5. Full Fathom Five
6. Flout 'em And Scout 'em Be Not Afear'd
7. A Solemn And Strange Music
8. Honor, Riches, Marriage Blessing
9. Earth's Increase, Foison Plenty
10. A Graceful Dance, A Confused Noise
11. No More Dams
12. Where The Bee Sucks
13. Our Revels Now Are Ended
14. The First Musick: Introduction-galliard
15. The First Musick: Introduction-gavotte
16. The Second Musick: Saraband
17. The Second Musick: Lilk
18. Curtain Tune
19. Come Unto These Yellow Sands
20. Rustick Air
21. Dance Of The Winds
22. Full Fathom Five
23. Dry Those Eyes
24. Minoit
25. Fantastick Spirits
26. Eccho Duet: Go Thy Way
27. Corant
28. Adieu To The Pleasures
29. A Martial Jigge
30. My Lord Great Neptune
31. Trytons' Dance
32. See, See, The Heavens Smile
33. Where The Bee Sucks
34. The Conclusion: A Canon 4 In 2
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