Fooles and Fricassees
Fooles and Fricassees

Fooles and Fricassees

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An essay by Professor Joan Thirsk of Oxford University discusses the wide range of foodstuffs and seasonings familiar to Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Materials from the Folger collection described and illustrated include books on herbs and medicine, laws governing the baking of bread and the importing of spices, household accounts, gardening journals, printed manuscript recipe books, and even student plays. The manuscript recipe book compiled by Sarah Longe around 1610 is transcribed in its entirety. All these materials permit us to see into the gardens, kitchens, butteries, and cellars of Shakespeare's day and to experience some of the food grown, prepared, and stored there.

Mary Anne Canton, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1999, Paperback, 128 Pages, 70 Illustrations. ISBN: 978-0-2959-7926-7.
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