The Pen's Excellencie
The Pen's Excellencie

The Pen's Excellencie

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This wonderful publication contains a unique selection of rarely seen manuscripts ranging in date from the early fourteenth century to the early twentieth century. The plays, poems, essays, letters, warrants, deeds, receipts, diaries, commonplace books, emblem books, and prose works of individuals as diverse as Shakespeare and Dickens, Henry VIII and Buffalo Bill, John Donne and Mark Twain, and Aphra Behn and Oscar Wilde, can only hint at the depth and scope of the 55,000 items in the Folger's manuscript collection.

Heather Wolfe, 2002, Paperback, 244 Pages. 66 Illustrations, 11 in color. ISBN-13: 978-0-2959-8266-3.
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