Breaking News: Renaissance Journalism
Breaking News: Renaissance Journalism

Breaking News: Renaissance Journalism

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Renaissance Journalism and the Birth of the Newspaper

The first newspaper arrived in England from an Amsterdam publisher on December 2, 1620. Containing the latest foreign news, this publication immediately sparked a huge demand for up-to-the-minute reports on domestic and world events. From stories of war to lurid accounts of celebrity scandals among the royal families of Europe, journalism exploded into the world of Renaissance England. Gossip in the taverns and conversations among the political classes gave way to the phenomenon of a wide cross-section of the populace reading the events of the days and weeks in cheaply-printed serial publications.

This catalog of the exhibition covers the development of journalism and the newspaper in England, from the manuscript antecedents of the coranto form to the introduction of newspapers in America in the late seventeenth century, and the birth of the first daily newspaper in England in 1702.

Curators: Chris R. Kyle, Syracuse University and Jason Peacey, University College, London with Elizabeth Walsh, Folger Shakespeare Library, 2008, Paperback, 192 Pages. ISBN:978-0-2929-8873-3.
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