Christmas Vespers
Christmas Vespers

Christmas Vespers

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An album for an evening of calm before the storm! Ages old sounds ring around the cloister, of plainchant sung by the choir, of bells and small harp, their beautiful sounds filling the air with tranquillity and calm. Vespers hymns and Christmas mass movements are combined in a very relaxing and spiritually uplifting programme.

1 Puer Natus est
2 Christe Redemptor
3 Veni Redemptor
4 Kyrie Deus Creator
5 Gloria in Excelsis
6 Quem Vedistis
8 Alleluia - Dies Sanctificatus
9 Angelus ad Pastores
10 Celeste organum
12 Facta est cum Angelo
13 Sanctus
14 Agnus Dei
15 Verbum Caro
16 Hodie Christus
17 Viderunt Omnes

The Monks & Novices of Saint Frideswide with Jon Banks, harp

Image: Rose window from the North wall of Chartres Cathedral/Bridgeman Art Library, London
Made in Great Britain

Compact Disc, 59 minutes, 2003.
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