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Macbeth DVD

Macbeth DVD

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This performance of Macbeth was recorded before a rapt audience in the Folger's intimate Elizabethan Theatre. Conceived and directed by Teller (of Penn & Teller) and Aaron Posner, this acclaimed production showcases the inventive magic of Teller, who, with Posner, contributes a new foreword to this edition, writing about their vision of the play as a "supernatural horror thriller." Our DVD is perfect for those encountering the play for the first time and for those finding brilliant new insights into a classic.

DVD of the 2008 Folger Theatre/Two River Theater Company production -- with over 50 minutes of special features, including interviews with the directors, actors, designers, and scholars.
2009. Format: DVD (region 1 - USA & Canada). 124 Minutes. Not Rated. Language: English. Subtitles: English.

Capturing Macbeth: The trailer for Capturing Macbeth, a documentary-in-progress, looks at the creative process involved in staging the play from in front of the audience and behind the scenes.
Directing Macbeth: Teller and Aaron Posner discuss the process they employed for directing Shakespeare's play.
Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth: Ian Merrill Peakes (Macbeth) and Kate Eastwood Norris (Lady Macbeth) discuss their approaches to creating their complex characters on stage.
Acting Macbeth: Members of the cast speak about their experiences taking Shakespeare's language from the page to the stage, highlighting some of the most well-known speeches from the play.
Comedy in Macbeth: An exploration of the comic relief in the play, with a focus on the role of the Porter and the famous Porter scene.
Blood Will Have Blood: The use of stage blood and the elements of horror and suspense in this production are examined.
The Weird Sisters: An inside view of Shakespeare's three mysterious weird sisters in the world of the play.
Stage Combat: The creation of a stage combat style for this production and the choreography involved in the fight scenes are revealed in this segment.
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