As You Like It
As You Like It

As You Like It

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As You Like It: The 30-Minute Shakespeare presents seven captivating scenes from this merry play. Rosalind, disguised as a man ( Ganymede ), teaches the art of romantic wooing to Orlando.

Other scenes include Jaques' timeless Seven Ages of Man speech; Touchstone the Fool's courtship of Audrey; and the hilarious love triangle between Silvius, Phebe, and Rosalind (Ganymede). The entire cast joins in the delightful song A Lover and His Lass to bring a rousing end to this charming comedy.

This edition includes helpful advice by Nick Newlin on how to put on a Shakespeare production in a high school class with novice actors, as well as tips for performing the specific play and recommendations for further resources.

Nick Newlin, 2010, Paperback, 72 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-9355-5006-8.
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