Forgotten English 2019 Calendar
Forgotten English 2019 Calendar

Forgotten English 2019 Calendar

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The Forgotten English calendar offers more than just the meanings and etymologies of lost English words and phrases. It takes you back to earlier times and faraway lands to rediscover fascinating linguistic delicacies and backstories. Curious words and phrases from bygone times, superstitions, historical oddities, etiquette, or intriguing character profiles, combine with period paintings and drawings in this delightful daily calendar. So word lovers, keep up with the past with Forgotten English— an entertaining guide to the English language and Western social history.

  • Desk Calendar
  • 6" X 5"
  • 12-Month Calendar
  • Large Square Grid
  • Observes Major Holidays
  • Unbound

    Sellers Publishing, 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1-5319-0512-5.
  • Color:
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