The Tale of John Barleycorn
The Tale of John Barleycorn

The Tale of John Barleycorn

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The charming woodcuts of Mary Azarian transport us to the colorful medieval English countryside, where barley grows in golden waves. This is beer country (in the urtime, the original microbreweries), when beer was brewed to fortify commoners and gentry alike, fueling their toils as well as their merriment.

We follow John Barleycorn, the ill-fated hero in this tale, from his spring burial, to when he first rises, young and green in the field, until he matures, golden-bearded in the late summer sun, when he finally makes the ultimate sacrifice—cut down, beaten, ground between stones, and set to ferment. In the end he finds new life as a hearty pint.

Complete with simple directions for brewing beer at home, The Tale of John Barleycorn is a timeless, folksy classic for the modern, literate, sophisticated beer conoisseur.

Mary Azarian, Hardcover, 2018, 32 Pages. ISBN-13: 978-1-56792-604-0.
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